The association was established by national associations of manufacturers of rooflights and smoke ventilators in order to create a platform for their activities at European level. Manufacturers of rooflights and smoke ventilators based in countries where no national associations exist then also joined the association.

In 2020 and in order to enhance the promotion of the objectives of the association at European level, the association decided to invite manufacturers of rooflights and/or smoke ventilators to become members of the association in their own right alongside the associations.


Daylighting, ventilation, and smoke and heat extraction are important elements when it comes to provide for a sustainable and healthy built environment.  Laws, regulation and standards have been implemented across Europe that may not fully reflect world-class standards, of best practice and safety. We believe that this situation will be improved through better organisation and communication of industry knowledge and insights, and through focused and concerted efforts to table fact based, industry specific, world class solutions for emergent legislation. This organisation has been designed to establish a strong unified industry voice to deliver that across Europe. Our core intent is to reclaim the authority to make legislative and practical recommendations for our industry.

The core intention is to:

  • Give the business of daylighting, ventilation, and smoke and heat extraction a higher profile in society.
  • Monitor, and communicate on developments concerning relevant laws, regulations and standards.
  • Establish a broad professional reputation for the industry.
  • Become an international sounding board and the voice for our overall business.

Mission statement

Our aim is to promote the delivery of sustainable, safe and healthy built environments for people and assets through Daylighting, Ventilation, and Heat and Smoke Control Solutions.

Our common focus is to become the thought leader in the improvement of the building envelope for our industry. To help people to understand that the benefits of a quality envelope is much more than being watertight, well insulated and offering protection.

Our mission is to raise a broader understanding of what the building envelope really is.