SMOKE CONTROL - Smoke Development and Consequences

Each fire produces different smoke – in relation to the amount of smoke, the composition and the resultant hazard.

The soot particles of the fire smoke, occurring in a short time, reduce the range of visibility and the ability to differentiate colours and contrasts ( e. g. of exit signs) very fast. With the increase of eye irritation by smoke the visual acuity also diminishes.

The existing sight range also has a great influence on the behaviour of human beings.

  • > 20 Metres sight range >> well being
  • 10 to 15 Metres >> uncertainty
  • < 10 Metres >> upcoming panic

The fast reduction of the orientation ability during a smoke logging, results in:

  • people not finding exits and escape routes and therefore potentiallystaying in dangerous areas,
  • increased risk of injury in dangerous places,
  • fire fighters requiring a lot of time to find and rescue people who have not yet escaped,
  • fire fighters needing a lot more time to localise the source of fire.